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The projects shown on these pages were completed by Lee Pardini acting as the Principal-In-Charge or Design Principal of Merritt+Pardini Architects or Pardini Design Group. Lee left Merritt+Pardini in 2003 to form Pardini Design Group.


Concept Design
Traditional Design/Bid/Build
Alternative Delivery
"Bridge Design"
Performance Based Bid Documents


Streetscape Plants
Visioning/Urban Design
Infrastructure Integration
Public Involvement/Consensus Building


Program Management
Many clients do not have the expertise in-house to manage a project or series of projects through completion. Pardini Design Group team will carefully manage the integration of design, financing, legal and construction components of each project.

Master Planning
Preparation of a Facility Master plan that supports the ongoing mission of our clients Business is an important first step in developing Real Estate Assets to their fullest potential. Decisions related to land use and facilities are primarily focused on how they support the core business. The Master Plans incorporate traditional and modern urban planning elements such as Land Use, Transportation, Zoning and Building Code restrictions. Layered over these constraints are the Business and operational requirements. The Plans should anticipate flexibility and change dictated by the market place.

Strategic Planning
A successful Strategic plan must support a Facility Master plan by looking at the land and facilities remaining for other non-Core Business related uses. The Strategic Plan will work around the Master Plan and focus on optimizing real estate value over time. The plan should focus on when, what and how to build and evaluate how these decisions will impact cash flow and the success of the Clients core business. The plan may result in productivity increases, employee satisfaction, develop hidden assets, cash flow increases and for public projects Tax Base expansion. The strategic planning process is driven by real estate and economic development realities. The Pardini Design Group team will work closely with the client management team and may use financial metrics such as value analysis and return on investment.

Public/Private Partnerships
In recent years Corporations and Public Agencies are looking for new ways to cooperatively build better Communities. In addition Public agencies are looking to use existing assets for revenue or Program improvements through partnerships with the developers and investors in the private sector. The process to create these partnerships can employ the strengths of both sectors to maximize return and appropriately allocate. Frequently the relationships bring new activities together to create economic or programmatic opportunity greater than a "stand alone" project. Pardini Design Group will work closely with our Client team and when necessary add the legal and technical expertise required to complete a comprehensive Public/Private partnership program.

Real Estate/Capital Budgeting
Correctly estimating the cost of implementing a preferred real estate strategy, can determine its' success. The Pardini Design Group Team can provide estimates for projects based on industry rules of thumb or detailed quantity take-off. We use the experience of our own team members, contractors with whom we have worked and professional estimators. Projects can include a variety of cost components including Tenant improvements, Renovation, New construction, FF and E, and Code Compliance. Cost elements include acquisition, closing costs, and construction.

Public and private clients frequently overlook the value of taking key real estate through a permitting process that adds value to the asset. Public clients in particular until recently have not viewed their assets in the same way the private sector would. These assets when entitled can be seen as a part of a strategic process to implement other unrelated goals. The Pardini Design Group team includes professionals capable of entitling properties and "locking in" the unrealized value.

Due Diligence
The time to evaluate the desirability of acquiring, selling or repositioning a Real Estate holding is before the transaction is completed. The Pardini Design Group team will work closely to evaluate options that maximize the value and utility of assets. Operational impacts, tax consequences, funding, political acceptance land permitting are some of the issues typically addressed in our process. Our goal is to provide the tools to make realistic decisions about options that maximize the value of Real Estate holdings or potential acquisitions. Financial elements of our process may include Cash Flow projections, and Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Internal Rate of Return and Pay-Back period.

Consensus Building

Public Agencies may not be completely familiar with the newer alternative delivery and financing techniques. While becoming more popular today many elected officials and Board members are reluctant to try new ideas without appropriate public comment and review. Consequently Public support for projects from many organization such as TV Wall Mount Melbourne is frequently crucial to implementing a strategic plan that incorporates creative financing or implementation concepts. The Pardini Design Group team has the experience to build support for a project using workshops, town meetings and other public relations techniques.